Teachers are Reference to Diversity

Kompas, page 11

Education is believed to still be an effective way to combat intolerance and discrimination in the life of the nation and society. Therefore, the educators’ role needs to be restored and strengthened to be references to diversity, and humanity for schools, students, and the surrounding environment.   The call was raised in the Graduation of the 1st Batch of Diversity Teachers’ School (SGK) held by Yayasan Cahaya Guru (Teachers’ Light Foundation), on Saturday (19/11), in Jakarta.

Teacher’s Light Foundation Chairperson, Henny Supolo Sitepu said that the threat of the nation’s prone to division  is also rarely discussed in the educational environment.  The education world  especially in state schools actually practiced strengthening of group identity and intolerance on the basis of a particular religion.

SGK Coordinator, Febi Yonesta  explained that the teachers that teach different subjects from various schools as well as those from the different ethnic and religious backgrounds were met in 14 meetings, from May to November. They reinforced their understanding, knowledge, and skills related to the themes of diversity, national unity and universal humanitarian principles.



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