2017, 93 Regencies to Receive Frontline Teachers


Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel (GTK) of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) Sumarna Surapranata said, in improving the quality of education in the outermost, disadvantaged and frontier (3T) regions, the Government again provides a 6,930 quota of civil servant (CPNS) candidates for teachers to be placed to become frontline teachers (GGD). The teachers will be placed in 93 regencies throughout Indonesia as civil servants (PNS) for this year.

Pranata explained, teachers who pass the GGD selection are the best sons and daughters of the nation who are willing to serve in the hinterlands. In general, they are alumni of Sarjana Mengajar for Outermost, Frontier, and Disadvantaged (SM3T) regions. Because based on various considerations they have been tested to teach in the hinterlands/remote areas.

Pranata expects, the CPNS GGD continues the success of the 2015 period GGD dispatch. They have a good achievement. In the schools they were placed, they became pioneers and role models for other teachers.

Pranata also explained, the teachers sent to each regency is in accordance with the demand of the regional administrations. Because they will be the regional civil servants. To that end, each region does not have the same quota needs. As Regional PNS, Pranata said, if the teachers proposed to move, then it will all be the consideration and authority of the regional administration (Pemda). However, Kemdikbud expects the Pemda to have a policy to create a special bond with the regional PNS. On average the regions requesting require a great number of teacher quota. However, due to constrained by excessive employee expenditure, they cannot increase the quota.

Link: http://www.beritasatu.com/kesra/400107-2017-93-kabupaten-akan-terima-guru-garis-depan.html



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