Mendikbud: Do not Burden Students with LKS

Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Muhadjir Effendy assesses the Student Worksheet (LKS) has made the main function of the teacher to plan, implement and evaluate education has not been optimal. He also asked teachers to no longer burden students with LKS. According to Muhadjir, teachers must not only submit to the worksheet so that the functions of planning, implementation, and evaluation are actually performed by the LKS and not the result of careful planning by the teacher.

In addition Muhadjir mentioned the alleged unscrupulous teachers who only seek to profit from publishers by selling LKS. In fact, the profits could reach trillions of rupiah if calculated nationally.

On the other hand the effectiveness of worksheets on students is not measurable. Muhadjir said it was not uncommon the homework teachers impose on students through worksheets are not done by themselves. So far some of the students when carrying LKS home as homework, not few are actually done by the parents or other family members, so it is not quite effective.




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