Teachers’ Associations are Not Profession Organizations

Koran Sindo, page 2

Ministry of National Education (Kemendikbud) revealed that today’s teacher organizations have not met the criteria to be teaching profession organizations. Therefore, these teacher organizations cannot conduct education programs and issue certification of education personnel.

Dirjen of Teachers and Educational Personnel (GTK) of Ministry of National Education, Sumarna Surapranata, explained this issue in Jakarta, yesterday (21/11) and added that currently his Directorate is still discussing the criteria for the establishment of teaching profession organizations. Such organizations are necessary for the education of the teaching profession.

He said that the requirements to be a profession organization are to work professionally and have social responsibilities. One of the most important criteria for a teaching profession organization is that the chairman should be a teacher and not a lecturer, leader of a political party, government official or head of a university.

Meanwhile, Sekjen of Federation of Indonesian Teachers Association (FSGI), Retno Listyarti, said that the Federation agrees that the provisions on the teaching profession organization are regulated by the government. However, the government must comply with the regulation about it, namely, Law Number 14/2005 on Teachers and Lecturers and PP Number 74/2008 on Teachers. Retno demanded that the government protect all teacher organizations because all are the same before the law and country.

Unifah Rasyidi, Plt Ketua Umum Pengurus Besar of Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI), has the same opinion that establishment of teaching profession organizations should come from teachers without intervention from the government. However, the committees are not necessary to be teachers as long as they have a vision to improve the teaching profession.



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