Volunteers and Temporary Teachers are the Solution

Kompas, page 12

Various ways are taken to address the problem of teacher shortages due to the uneven distribution of the teaching force. There are areas that recruit fresh graduates to become volunteers. There are also areas that rely on temporary employees. Efforts to recruit fresh graduates was pursued by the Banyuwangi Regency Administration, East Java. They are being prepared to teach in remote areas with a salary of Rp 2 million per month as well as contracted for two years in the Banyuwangi Teaching program.

The program was established as a solution to the shortage of teachers in remote areas. Banyuwangi Regent, Abdullah Azwar Anas explained that the regency administration opted for young people who have the idealism to serve the communities. The Banyuwangi Teaching program which has run for two years is participated by 50 young teachers. This year the regency administration has recruited 20 more people to be deployed to a number of villages.

In Papua, efforts to overcome the shortage of teachers due to the uneven distribution of teaching staff was done   by recruiting 9,762 temporary teachers. According to the Secretary for the Papua Education and Culture Agency, Protasius Lobya, thousands of temporary teachers for primary to high school (SMA)/ vocational high school (SMK) level will undergo competency training in January-March 2017. It is expected that their competencies would be equal to that of the civil servant teachers.

In Lampung, efforts to overcome the shortage of teachers was also done by utilizing temporary employees. Lampung was short of 4,652 civil servant teachers in SMA and SMK levels. Improving the ability of temporary employees was done by conducting mentoring by subject teachers. Mentoring programs are conducted by the Council of Subject Teachers (MGMPs) which consists of a number of teachers teaching the same subject. Teachers with the best Teacher Competency Exam scores in the regency become the mentors. Head of the Lampung Province Education Agency, Heri Sulistyo said that his party has disbursed Rp 50 million per year for each MGMP in each Regency.



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