Australia-Indonesia Agree to Collaborate on Education Innovation

The governments of Australia and Indonesia will conduct collaborative development of the quality of education between the two countries. One is through an innovation program through facebook social network, as a means of sharing ideas and experiences for teachers and education activists.

According to the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Paul Grigson access to quality education is an integral part of the welfare and investment of a country. He said the collaboration being initiated was a good opportunity for Indonesia and Australia.   There are very many student exchanges annually between the two countries. That could be an opportunity also for Indonesia and Australia to share experiences and quality of education to teachers, school principals and professional educators.

Grigson also acknowledged Australia and Indonesia have the same passion for education and the two countries seek new teaching models and cutting edge concepts to improve the way children learn. He added that each country has different policies and educational methods. What is applied in Australia does not necessarily fit with education in Indonesia, and vice versa. But what must be ascertained is how the existing budget and investment are leveraged to develop the quality of education received by the students.




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