Islamic Universities Play Role in Creating Global Peace

Republika, page 5

The Ministry of Religious Affairs insisted that Islamic Universities (PT) in Indonesia, which are many in number must help to create global peace. Director General of Islamic Education of Kemenag, Kamaruddin Amin, in Semarang, Tuesday (22/11) said that his Department hoped that Islamic PT can contribute to world peace.

Kamarudin revealed this at the opening of an international seminar of “Contribution of Islamic Higher Education for Global Peace” initiated by Walisongo Islamic State University (UIN) Semarang and Asian Islamic University Association. He explained that Islamic teaching carried and developed by Islamic PT in Indonesia is that which is tolerant and appreciative toward diversity or plurality.

Meanwhile, Rector of UIN Walisongo Semarang, Prof. Muhibbin Noor admitted that peace in the world in general and particularly in Indonesia being threatened is one of their concerns. As an Islamic PT, UIN Walisongo is inspired to invite all parties, especially universities, to help in creating a tolerant religious life.

Muhibbin added that the role of Islamic PT in creating peace in the world is a major principle with Islamic institutions and PTs that is spread across 55 Islamic state PTs and 600 Islamic private PTs. These resources will provide a great advantage in developing a form of Islam that is peaceful, moderate and brings blessings for the universe (rahmatan lil alamin).



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