Teaching Profession Education Not in Accordance with Law

Republika, page 5

The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) said that the teaching profession education (PPG) has not been ideally in accordance with Law No. 12 of 2012 on Higher Education. That is because there is still no teaching profession organization that partners with PPG.

Director General of Science and Technology Institutions and Higher Education Kemenristek Dikti, Patdono Soewignjo, said that in that context, the PPG cannot be run/ implemented if there is no teaching profession organization. In accordance with the law, all professions should be generated through professional education that is organized in collaboration with professional organizations and higher education.

Patdono explained that the purpose of forming a teachers’ organization is to promote and develop the teaching profession. Therefore, his party would make the teaching profession organization as partner in the implementation of PPG.

Meanwhile, Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel (GTK), Sumarna Surapranata said his party is currently formulating criteria for the teaching profession organization to accompany the PPG. He hopes that the organization could be filled by teachers, both at central as well as regional levels.



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