Indonesia Mengajar to Recruit New Batch of Volunteers

Non-governmental education initiative Indonesia Mengajar, or Teach Indonesia, opened recruitment for the 14th batch of volunteers on Monday.

The recruitment round is open from Nov.14 to Dec.16, and participants must complete an online application form and go through a series of selection processes. Selected volunteers will spend a year teaching elementary school children in some of the country’s most underprivileged remote areas.

Evi Herawati Trisna, Indonesia Mengajar executive director said her party is looking for young people with courage to fulfill their dreams and open-mindedness to learn how to do so. Indonesia Mengajar is looking for those who don’t waver in their journey, who love this country and want to learn to love it more.

According to Evi, the volunteers will be able to understand Indonesia’s problems at the core, as well as have an opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

A former volunteer stationed at Kapuas Hulu district in West Kalimantan and alumni of University of Oldenburg in Germany, Rifki Firqan, said he felt proud to have joined Indonesia Mengajar. He proud to see society’s motivation and happiness to learn, which are important for the betterment of Indonesia’s education.

Founded in 2010, Indonesia Mengajar has sent 713 volunteers to 195 elementary school across 24 districts in Indonesia.




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