Regeneration of Professors Hampered

Republika, page 5

Chairman of Council of Professors (MGB) of the University of Andalas (Unand) Darwin Amir said Wednesday (23/11) the main problem of professors at Unand is the lack of regeneration between seniors and juniors. In addition, complicated bureaucracy, the depth of knowledge of the successor is untested. The problem is not only happening in Unand, but also throughout Indonesia and the world.

Particularly in Unand, continued Darwin, another issue that strikes professors is the still few professors who have delivered scientific oration to officiate their title. To date, Unand has 140 professors who are recorded until this year still active and spread in 15 faculties.

Earlier, Director General of Human Resources of Kemenristek Dikti Ali Ghufron Mukti reiterated that it is not true that the process to obtain the position of lecturer to become a professor takes a long time or many years. Therefore, it was agreed to simplify the processing of ranks, especially the prospective professors in Indonesia, which is relatively minimal in number.

Ghufron argues currently prospective professors are constrained in conveying their scientific work into Scopus indexed journals. In fact, there are many other journals that also have international reputation recognized by Kemenristek Dikti to deliver their scientific works.



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