Uneven Distribution of Teachers

Indopos, page 3

To date the distribution of teachers in Indonesia has not been optimized, revealed the Minister of National Education (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendy.

He said that the uneven distribution results in certain problems, among other there are some regions that still are lacking in teachers while some others have excess of teachers. He explained that the management of appointment, salary payment and provision of allowance is authorized by the central government. However, the arrangement of distribution of teachers is authorized by each region.

Law No. 14/2015 on Teachers and Lecturers states that teacher is an official professional occupation, but to date, the profession of teachers in Indonesia has not met expectations. Furthermore, Muhadjir revealed that the government carries out certain efforts in regard to producing professional teachers. Unfortunately, such efforts are not always followed by hard work from the teachers. The government does not even stop there, but also wants to improve teachers’ welfare through Teacher Professional Allowance (TPG).



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