Continue to Innovate in Teaching

Media Indonesia, page 11

The teacher’s role is very important in educating the next generation, including the continuation of the leadership baton. Therefore, the spirit of teachers in educating must be maintained in order not to recede for the sake of improving the quality of human resources (HR) in facing the Indonesian nation’s competition in future.

This was expressed by Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel (GTK) of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) Sumarna Surapranata regarding National Teacher Day (HGN) held today (25/22). Currently, Pranata said, there are already many teachers across the country conducting innovations, especially learning innovation or so-called inobel.

Therefore, further Pranata, Kemendikbud on each HGN invites thousands of teachers from all regencies, cities and provinces in Indonesia to attend the national symposium featuring a variety of their works and creativity. This was done, in addition to appreciating the results of their work; it is also to motivate teachers to continue working and innovating in learning.

Meanwhile, education practitioner Indra Charismiadji added, the importance of innovation and creativity in the current era has become imperative for teachers across Indonesia. They, he added, must be willing to learn about the developments of the world, technology, social life and the world of work so that what is given to their students becomes relevant as needed.

Similarly, Guidance Counseling teacher of SMAN 99 Jakarta Ika Setyawati agrees on the need for teachers to boost innovation. However, she underlined that teachers should also be appreciated for their work and innovation.


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