Government Plans National Exam Moratorium

Kompas, page 11

The implementation of national examinations is scheduled to be suspended in 2017. However, implementation of the plan is still awaiting approval from President Joko Widodo. Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy said that the moratorium on the national exam (UN) is done to fulfill  the Supreme Court’s decision in 2009. This decision strengthens the Central Jakarta District Court sentence in 2007.

In that ruling, the government was ordered to improve teachers’ quality,  school facilities and infrastructure, as well as improve access to information throughout the country. The quality of teachers and adequate facilities and infrastructure are required for the implementation of the UN.

According to Muhadjir, the UN is no longer the determinant of students’ graduation but rather serves to map the education condition.  As a result, only 30 percent of schools meet the national standards. He added that  the national evaluation would later be handed over to the local administrations. Kemdikbud wants to restore the evaluations back to the teachers as their right and authority , both individually and collectively.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Federation of Indonesian Teachers’ Union, Retno Listyarti appreciated the government’s action. It shows that the government abides by the court decision and respects the law. Education evaluation expert, Elin Driana reminded the government that  the change in UN should not be done suddenly, but it needs familiarization beforehand.



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