Menag and Mendikbud urge to Honor Teachers

Republika, page 1

Ahead of National Teacher’s Day this 25 November, Minister of Religious Affairs (Menag) Lukman Hakim Saifuddin thanked Indonesian teachers, especially those teaching in the madrassa and Islamic education environment.  While the Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendi called on the Ayo Hormati Guru (Lets Respect Teachers) movement regarding the same commemoration.  Menag emphasized the nobleness/glory of teachers because they have produced the nation’s educated generation. The education process conducted by the teachers has generated the thoughts and actions of great people.

Therefore, Lukman has urged every  party to honor teachers, rather than degrading them. Glorifying is a praiseworthy act because it has provided a good contribution to the sustainability of teachers in the future. He said that  the teacher is one of the elements that form the backbone of a nation’s education.

Another issue that is also important according to him, is the government’s attention to the plight of teachers in Indonesia, especially those teaching in the madrassa and Islamic education environment. Over 85 per cent  of the Kemenag budget is allocated to  Islamic education. The attention to Islamic education is  quite significant, which is earmarked for the development of educational facilities and infrastructure, human resources, and the teachers themselves.

Mendikbud conveyed that  teachers must work harder in shaping the character of their students. This heavy task  could only be executed if the teachers really take heart their call of duty as educators who understand their profession. So far, the issue of teachers in Indonesia has experienced problems. One of them is the issue of teacher distribution.



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