Menko PMK Hopes that Indonesia-Netherlands Cooperation can Strengthen the Quality of Vocational Education

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

Coordinating Minister of Human and Culture Development (Menko PMK), Puan Maharani, hoped that the cooperation between the Republic of Indonesia and the Netherlands can strengthen improvement in the education field, especially vocational education at both secondary and higher levels.

Puan revealed this as a keynote speaker in the first session of a seminar entitled “Higher and Vocational Education” and the second session entitled “Achieving Universal Health Coverage by Strengthening Primary Care” in Jakarta on Wednesday (23/11).

Puan said that this cooperation can strengthen the curriculum, sharpen study programs, improve teachers and lecturers plus student exchange. In addition, cooperation in research in science and technology between universities must be encouraged to improve the innovation of technology.

The Government of Indonesia is currently trying to seek a solution to improve the quality of human resources in facing global competition, one of the efforts being through education and training.

In order to prepare human resources who have competency and are able to compete, the government has issued a policy to revitalize vocational education and training. Puan said that the fields as the priority are maritime, tourism, agriculture and creative economy. One of the targets is in the near future, all graduates from this revitalization program shall have competency certificates that facilitate them in entering the working world.



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