Carefully Assess National Exams (UN) Moratorium

Kompas, page 12

The government’s plan to review the implementation and functions of national examinations (UN) needs to be studied carefully. Because the rules about the nature and purpose of iimplementing the  UN has not been in sync with each other. Education policy analyst, Elin Driana said that  among the laws, government regulations and ministerial regulations related to UN contain  different functions.

Elin reminded that  functions and objectives of the UN has not been appropriate. In PP 13 Year 2015 on National Education Standards, UN was mentioned as a method of measuring the student’s competency achievement. It is highly individualized, because what are assessed are each student. However, at the same time, the UN is also used as a means of mapping the quality of education nationwide. Elin said that this function is contrary to the function  of  measuring student’s competencies. Mapping the quality of national education has many factors. Schools in large cities would have better access to information and  facilities compared to  schools in the outskirts. It is very complex and cannot be calculated from the UN score results  alone.

According to Elin, the  validation of every calculated aspect  should use different methods. Do not just rely on the UN.Therefore, the regional administrations should really be proactive in improving education in their respective areas. The obligation is contained in Article 5 of Law No. 20 Year 2003 on National Education System that states that every Indonesian citizen has the right to obtain quality education.



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