Equitable Quality Needs Funding Support

Kompas, page 11

Islamic education has   significantly contributed to this country.  Funding support is needed to achieve  equitable quality of Islamic education. The Director General of Islamic Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Kamaruddin Amin, said that the contribution of Islamic education in primary and secondary education reached about 20 percent. Approximately 66.6 million students in  state schools and Islamic schools under Kemenag get Islamic education.

According to Kamaruddin, Islamic education is of strategic importance in the national education system. Since the majority of Islamic educational institutions such as Islamic schools are community owned, the government stimulates funding through the state budget to those schools that are considered     professional.

It has been recorded there are 75,551 madrasas with a total of about 9.7 million students. There are also 813,490 teachers including 131,234 teachers with civil servant status. Whilst approximately 67 percent of madrasah aliyah (MA) graduates (equivalent to SMA/SMK) continue on  to universities. Therefore, there are also MA education  that focus on vocational education.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Religious Affairs (Menag), Lukman Hakim Saifuddin has encouraged to improve educational capabilities. For example, the learning should  not only prioritize on contents. Kemenag  also encourages teachers to develop substantive and meaningful learning.



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