Instill Values of Diversity ​​

Kompas, page 11

Teachers as educators of the nation’s future generation is expected to instill a respect for diversity in the archipelago to their protégé. Instilling these values play an important role in shaping the character and Indonesian uniqueness of the students. President Joko Widodo in his speech at the National Teachers’ Day and 71st Anniversary of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) event  in Sentul, Bogor, Sunday (27/11), said that the diversity of the Indonesian nation is a gift from God Almighty. No country in the world  is similar to Indonesia.

The President said that teachers should be able to open the students’ insight/perspective on the wealth/richness  of the Indonesian nation. Students should not be narrow minded thus be  easily prejudiced towards people that are different  from them. According to the President, this is part of the strengthening of the Indonesian manners due to positive character, such as mutual respect, hard working, honesty, discipline, and optimism which are  the nation’s capital to take part in the global competition.

In his speech, the President also reminded teachers to supervise the use of social media by the students. Mutual blaspheme and spreading slander is not the  manners of the Indonesian nation, but it is rife in the social media. The President is concerned that if there is omission and no guidance on how to wisely use the Internet, the national unity can be cracked.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel of the  Ministry of Education and Culture, Sumarna  Surapranata said that the Teachers’ Competency Standard and the Teacher Graduate Competency Standard are being revised. Both are synchronized so that the graduates of teaching profession  education institutions have the capacity that are in accordance with  the requirements on the ground.  So far, the Teacher Competency Standard is set by Kemdikbud, while the Teacher Graduate Competency Standard is set by the Kemenristek Dikti. There are several different points. As a result the graduates of the Professional Teacher Education still do not fully have the competence that should  ideally be specifically owned by the teacher.



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