Professionalism Rectified

Kompas, page 13, Saturday, Nov 26

The Government recognizes that harder efforts are still needed to improve the professionalism of teachers in Indonesia. Professionalism among others is characterized by the ability of teachers to always want to refine and update skills in their fields to fit with the times. In commemoration of National Teacher’s Day (HGN) in 2016, in Jakarta, Friday (25/11), the Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy said, teachers are required to be professionals because the teaching profession is very strategic. In the hands of educators, the nation’s future is at stake.

Therefore, according to the Education Minister (Mendikbud), the government continues to strive for more professional Indonesian teachers. However, he cautioned, efforts to increase professionalism should also be supported by the teachers themselves. Muhadjir explains there are three things that must be owned by a professional teacher. First, teachers should be able to improve and update their skills. Second, the teacher is able to strengthen its social responsibility because becoming a teacher is a calling. Lastly, teachers must be able to strengthen the relationship among peers in a professional association for the field of science they teach.

Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel Kemdikbud Sumarna Surapranata said the government was preparing a guide to the formation of teachers’ professional organizations, such as the professional organization of teachers of chemistry and physics. The professional organization has the right to acknowledge the competence of someone to teach a particular field of study.

Muhadjir added the professionalism of teachers is increasingly important because in future teachers are given greater authority. Gradually, Kemdikbud would entrust teachers, especially in the aspect of assessment which so far has yet to be 100 percent the authority of the teacher.


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