The Abolition of National Examinations Soon to be Determined

Media Indonesia, page 1

President Joko Widodo said that the decision of the Ministry of National Education (Kemendikbud) in relation to the decentralization of national examination (UN) will be discussed in a limited cabinet meeting (ratas) this week. The plan to abolish UN had previously been proposed by Kemendikbud. The Minister proposed that as a substitute for UN, the final examination for students of SMA-SMK and equivalent will be assigned to provincial governments. For SMP/MTs and SD/MI, meanwhile, it will be assigned to regency/city governments.

He added that this UN moratorium is in line with the concept of President Jokowi and the government’s Nawa Cita that wants to apply decentralization to education. Kemendikbud and National Education Standard Body (BSNP) will determine the national standard. Abolition of UN is in line with the decision of the Supreme Court (MA) that suggests that UN should only be implemented when an equal education quality has been achieved.

Chairman of PGRI, Unifah Rasyidi, welcomed the plan of decentralization of UN. Besides, it is costly to hold UN, Unifah said that the variation in formulating the graduation standard between one region and another is different. Meanwhile, education practitioner, Indra Charismiaji, cautioned that the absence of UN will also raise worries since the evaluation of results of study will be delegated to teachers and the results of teachers’ competency tests (UKG) have not been that good to date.



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