Indonesian Language Offered at AUT

Media Indonesia, page 11

RI Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) and Auckland University of Technology (AUT) are exploring the possibilities of a joint cooperation in the form of securing an Indonesian language course. The cooperation is expected to be realized in 2017. This was stated yesterday  by the  Head of Planning and Foreign Cooperation of Kemendikbud, Suharti in the dialogue forum held at   AUT, Auckland, New Zealand.

Suharti said that Indonesian Language  studies in New Zealand is relatively behind than that of its neighbor, Australia. Therefore, her party offers cooperation so that the New Zealand people could know more  about Indonesia.  Her party is ready to send Bahasa Indonesia teachers to New Zealand.  The program  itself is one of the Kemendikbud targets for 2017, namely to improve and strengthen the development, enhancement, also the protection of the language.

In response to the offer from the Indonesian government, the Director of International Relations & Development of AUT, Lester Khoo explained that  it was aiming to become a center of excellence for the Asia Pacific region, including Southeast Asia. Procurement of the Indonesian language is assessed as a means  to fulfilling this target.

According to Khoo, Indonesia is one of their closest Asian neighbors and projected to be  the 7th largest economy in the world by 2030. So a core foundation is needed between Indonesia and New Zealand, among others through language and culture.



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