Local Governments Demand that Moratorium on National Examination Commences in 2018

Koran Sindo, page 15

The plan of the Ministry of National Education (Kemendikbud) to temporarily abolish or moratorium on national examination (UN) by 2017 is considered as in haste by a number of local governments. They demanded that if President Joko Widodo finally issues this policy, the implementation should be at least in 2018. The reason is that the preparation for 2017 UN has been in progress including in the budget allocation for local government (APBD). Should it be cancelled, it will raise problems for students, teachers, school managers and local governments.

Head of Department of Education, Youth and Sport (Disdikpora) of DIY, Kadarmanta Baskara Aji, said that ideally, every new policy must be thoroughly disseminated. Even the most remote areas must have received the dissemination of such a policy as well.

Governor of Bali, I Made Mangku Pastika, said that the government of Bali Province only allocates budget for UN try out. Therefore, if the final examination for SMP and SMA/SMK is delegated to provincial government, they have to recalculate the budget needed. There will be also another problem on the standard to be used since the current standard is varied in every school.

Executive Director of Institute Education Reform of Paramadina University, Mohammad Abduhzen, said that moratorium UN does not mean there will be no UN at all. However, UN can still be carried out in certain frequency which is not once a year and should not have any implication on the students’ graduation. He does not agree that our education will have no direction without UN. To date, UN does not receive any positive response in regard to study encouragement but it becomes an opportunity to cheat in various ways.



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