Measure of Quality is Not Just UN

Kompas, page 12

Concerns about the lack of quality standards to measure the success of the national education is unwarranted. Measuring the quality of education in Indonesia already exists and needs only to be developed so as not to rely only on the national exam (UN). Board of Trustees of Center for Education and Policy Studies Najeela Shihab said, to map out education, actually the results of the accreditation of the schools / madrassas could be used. There must be a commitment that the accreditation results do reflect the true assessment of an educational institution in a comprehensive manner.

He said the government need not rely entirely on the UN as a measure of quality, as if the UN could measure all the requirements for quality assessment.

In addition, said Najeela, Assessment and Education Center of Kemdikbud has actually developed the Indonesian National Assessment Program being piloted in several provinces. Related to the equitable distribution of the quality of education which has been decentralized, it is necessary that all related components sit together again. The roles of the central government, local administrations, and schools must be clear.



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