Menristekdikti Expects Industries to Use Research Results

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Mohamad Nasir, expected that various results of research conducted by our people can be utilized by industries within the country. To date, such results have not been optimally used by the world but used by other countries. Nasir revealed that research results that have been used to develop entrepreneurship business are about 1.67% and from such a figure, only 0.43% has a basis of technology.

He added that such percentages are still far from ideal which should be in the number of 10% from the total of Indonesia citizens. Nasir revealed that the trust of industries on the research results from our own people is still low. Therefore, Kemenristekdikti has ordered its officials to set a standard for research results.

In addition, Nasir also mentioned some problems in the development of research, among other, the coordination among related ministries. Kemenristekdikti, thus, will have agreements with certain ministries next month. These agreements will be in the form of Ministerial Joint Decision Letter so that innovations resulted by the children of the nation and universities can be empowered.




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