Regions Prepare UN Moratorium

Media Indonesia, page 11

The government’s plan to suspend the national examinations (UN) is positively welcomed in some regions. Nevertheless, the central government was also reminded to be consistent in the efforts to address the national education, for example, not to easily change the strategic policy which has previously been running.

Such is the common thread of some regional heads as confirmed regarding the discourse of the UN moratorium which will have a direct impact on the regions. South Sulawesi Governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo, for example has claimed that he still awaits the technical guidelines (juknis) and operational guidelines (juklak) for the moratorium implementation.

This was also affirmed by the South Sulawesi Education Agency Head, Irman Yasin Limpo, who said that the technical and operational guidelines are important because the moratorium would impact on results. It could also have implications on the diploma and assessment.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Purwakarta, West Java, Dedi Mulyadi, admitted that he had long wanted the abolition of the UN because it did not comply with Indonesia’s education culture. The Plural characteristic of Indonesia, according to Dedi requires a comprehensive education formulation so that standardization of student quality cannot use the same criteria.  Just two indicators are required; the first is character assessment and the second is students’ skills.



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