Homework Related to UN

Republika, page 5

Education researcher from Indonesia Bermutu, Eka Putri Handayani said that the UN should not be used as the main reference. UN scores are only supplementary.   The rest, schools could consider the scores of other subjects and the activities of students.

He added that the government has homework related to UN primarily concerning familiarizing. According to Eka, the government needs to maximize UN familiarizing to students so it would not be scary. He recognizes UN creates high psychological distress to students. As a result, the level of stress experienced by students increases.

According to Eka, the fear induced by the UN prompted some students’ rights to be ignored.  Such as their rest/break time is reduced and ignoring subjects outside the UN. All parties, Eka said, must find ways in disseminating/familiarizing the UN so it is not scary. One way is by not turning the UN into an absolute graduation requirement. Then, the student grades can also be used as graduation consideration.

Eka added it is also important for parents to be involved in the UN familiarizing.  It can be done as one of the ways so that UN is not considered something scary.



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