Indonesia Enters Teacher Crisis

Republika, page 5

Advisor/ Expert Staff for the Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) on Regional and Central Government   Relations, James Modouw said that currently the country faces crisis problems related to teachers.  He said that in order to appoint new teachers (they) must wait for other teachers to retire.

James’s statement was issued related to the withdrawal of state civil apparatus (ASN) teachers teaching in private schools. James also emphasized the services of private schools in advancing developments in an area/region. He said that in some areas/regions private schools are those which open areas there. Thus, the human resources developed in those areas are meritorious due to the private schools.

According to James, the majority of ASN teachers serving in private schools are oriented to the interests of humanity. Therefore, the withdrawal of ASN teachers teaching in private schools must await the decision from the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and RB and the regional administrations.

Head of Apparatus Human Resource Development of the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform, Widaryati Hestiarsih, affirmed that the support of ASN teachers in private schools was temporary. In response to the issue of withdrawal of ASN teachers in private schools, she said that ASN are appointed with the rank of certain positions of government agencies. Not that they are unfeeling, but they are bound by ASN Law.

As further explained the number of ASN teachers in private schools reached more than 100 thousand. She went on that the Kemenpan RB is seeking optimal steps by recalling the ASN teachers to work in government institutions. According to Widaryati the reason of such step was based on a Cabinet Meeting.  She explained that pursuant to ASN Law, ASN must work within the government. Supposedly, when the private sector establishes a school the availability of teachers is the responsibility of the foundation.


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