Mendikbud: Publishers Must be Held Responsible

Republika, page 5

Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendy has demanded publishers which published adult content books to refund the public’s purchase cost. Otherwise, he threatened to take legal actions and report to the police, in relation to the circulation of books entitled “The Story of How I Learn to Control Myself”’ in the series ‘I Can Protect Myself’.

Mendikbud explained that the circulation of the books had been discontinued. He claimed that he had instructed the ministry team to conduct an investigation on the book making motives. Muhadjir conveyed that if there are violations intentionally committed, then this case will proceed to court.

Furthermore, he said that his party was still reviewing the sanctions that would be imposed on the publisher. Muhadjir hopes that similar cases will not recur and therefore book publishers must follow the publishing procedures that have been determined by the center for books and curriculum (puskurbuk). So far, Muhadjir added that the majority of books published that are not screened or examined is because they do not follow   the publishing procedures.


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