USAID Provides Practice Book to Prospective Teachers

Republika, page 5

USAID Prioritas published a practice guidebook for students majoring in education science.  USAID Prioritas assessed there should be good cooperation between the Education Personnel Education Institutions (LPTK) with schools in generating prospective teachers.

USAID Prioritas Program Director, Stuart Weston, Wednesday (8/3), said as a producer of prospective teachers, LPTK must understand the needs of its users, namely schools.   On the other hand, schools as users should also be active to  provide feedback what is needed in the producers.

Stuart said, LPTK lecturers are certainly rich in theory, but typically lack the practical experience.  On the other hand, teachers must be rich in practical experience but are usually lacking in theory. Through these interactions, the two parties can engage in mutually beneficial cooperation and be in synergy.

He explained that through the program prioritizing Reform, Innovation, and Opportunities for Reaching Indonesia’s Teachers, Administrators, and Students (PRIORITAS), his party has just published a book of practices in lectures and LPTKs and school integration. It contains the experiences of the lecturers and LPTK partner school teachers in improving the quality of teachers and prospective teachers the result of collaboration with the USAID PRIORITAS program.

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