A Push for Gender Equality at Schools to Curb Violence Against Women


A state commission has called for national school curricula to promote gender equality as violence against female students in Indonesia has seen a disturbing increase in recent years. Female students are vulnerable to sexual assaults and other forms of violence, according to a report released by the National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan).

As much as 46 percent of the nearly 260,000 reported cases of gender-based violence against female students occurred in community settings, while 19 percent occurred in domestic environment.

One of the reported cases outlined in the report referenced a gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl by 14 men and boys in Bengkulu in April last year.

Referring to the Bengkulu case, Komnas Perempuan commissioner Mariana Amiruddin said ffemicide is the murder of women solely because of their gender. This is in part due to the value Indonesian society places on patriarchy.

The lack of available gender equality curricula in Indonesian public schools is believed to contribute to the recent rise in gender violence, according to another Komnas Perempuan commisioner, Indraswari. She said, this is Komnas Perempuan conduct equality programs, especially gender-based programs, in schools throughout Jakarta. We have pushed this agenda all the way to the Ministry of Education. This initiative will help influence our youth to be aware of gender issues and hopefully curb violence against women.

Mariana added that counseling programs will also be helpful for women to shed self-blaming habits for sex crimes they have experienced. Misogynistic behavior can come from anywhere. The government should utilize empty billboards to popularize the mindset that masculinity does not mean degrading women,” she said.


Link: http://jakartaglobe.id/news/a-push-for-gender-equality-curriculum-to-eliminate-gender-based-crimes/


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