Students Invited To Entrepreneurship

Kompas, page 11

The government encourages young people to go into entrepreneurship after completing their studies. Youth participation to engage in entrepreneurship is important in efforts to create jobs for many people. Students are challenged to submit a business plan to later to be given grants after their eligibility. It emerged in the focus of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Goes to School titled “Entrepeneurs Wanted” at the Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya, East Java, on Wednesday (15/3).

KSP invited Indonesian businessmen to share their experiences in the presence of young people in the program. KSP Deputy III Denni Puspa Purbasari said KSP cooperates with Kemendikbud and Kemenristek Dikti and the Ministry of Religious Affairs so that the program would be able to reach students in high school/ vocational high school (SMA/SMK), higher education and boarding schools (pesantren). The program began in February 2017 and is scheduled to take place once a month in educational institutions scattered throughout the country.

Director General of Learning and Student Affairs Kemenristek Dikti Intan Ahmad said her party has an entrepreneurship program aimed to encourage students to collaborate with lecturers to develop a business plan. If the business plan is ready the proposal can be submitted to the Kemristek Dikti and will be awarded a grant.

ITS rector Joni Hermana stated, coaching students to become entrepreneurs has been integrated into the curriculum at ITS since 2015. In addition, when students enter the third year of their studies, they are required to consult with the ITS Career Center personnel. If it turns out a student is deemed fit to be an entrepreneur, his party would help provide guidance and motivation to them to open a business. ITS alumni are also invited to participate by sharing their experiences in opening a business to students in a number of seminars.


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