Turkey Subsidies Prospective Students from Indonesia

Republika, page 2

Turkey’s government has provided an excellent opportunity for Indonesian students to continue Undergraduate Program (S1) in Turkey. There are 73 universities in Turkey that are ready to accept Indonesian students, as was stated by Republic of Turkey’s Ambassador to Republic of Indonesia, Dr Mehmet Kadri Sander Gurbuz in Jakarta on Wednesday (15/3).

Mustafa Aslan, the Coordinator of University Education in Turkey, explained, that the provision of college subsidies by Turkey’s government is intended to make college fees more affordable. For instance, the fee for the Faculty of Medicine is only about eight million rupiah per semester, Engineering Faculty about four million rupiah and Economics Faculty about three million, etc.

This opportunity, said Aslan, is highly positive for Indonesians students to go to college and join with students from around the world in studying in Turkey. Those students who would like to study in Turkey can take the entrance test for Turkish universities on April 30, 2017 in Jakarta. Aslan added that this entrance test is for the first time being held online, accessed at www.kuliahditurki.com. The application period will close on March 30, 2017.


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