Digitizing Expands Reading Material Accessibility

Kompas, page 12

Higher education starts to actively develop publications in digital format. This was done to expand the accessibility of readings so that students’ works are not only utilized by the students, but also utilized by the general public.

Rector of the University of Airlangga (Unair), Surabaya, Mohammad Nasih said, on Thursday (16/3), in Surabaya, East Java, currently Unair is conducting digitizing of works of academicians that have ever been produced. The works of 43 courses are scheduled to be republished in digital format. In the initial stage, Airlangga University will digitize the works of academicians from the Faculty of Medicine. Because, the faculty is considered to have many superiorities that should immediately be known to the wider community.

The superiorities and works of Airlangga University will be re-documented in digital format, such as articles, electronic books, and movies. Later such documentation could be accessed free of charge by the general public.  So far, most of the works are still used by students to do research.

Meanwhile, the University of Sunan Giri (Unsuri), Surabaya, will also develop a digital library. Unsuri is committed to developing a digital library to complement the existing print library. Currently, in the university that takes care of about 1,000 students, there are 5,000 book titles. Most are still in the textbook genre.

Unsuri Rector Gunawan Adji said the digital library is still under construction and is scheduled for completion within the next three months. In the library, students can access books easily.


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