Some Servers Are Not Synchronous

Jawa Pos, page 30

National Exam (Unas) 2017 is to be promptly held. Education Agency (Dispendik) DKI keeps stabilizing the preparation prior to this exam. This year, all the schools in DKI will hold the computer-based national exam (UNBK). However, according to the rehearsal of the third UNBK SMA on March 13-14, there are some problems, such as lack of synchronization of 113 backup servers and 7 main servers. These 7 servers are located in West and South Jakarta.

This was stated by Nurjaman, the coordinator of UNBK SMA in the evaluation meeting of UNBK rehearsal at Dispendik Jakarta office, yesterday (16/3). According to Nurjaman, the backup servers have to be synchronized to resolve this problem. This is because if the main servers go down, the backup servers should be ready for use.

Meanwhile, The Head of Curriculum Division SMP and SMA level Dispendik DKI, Muhammad Husin, said that his group conducted the preparation meeting of UNBK along with regional offices, and comprehensively DKI Jakarta is ready to run UNBK.

However, it is not just about synchronization, as Husin explained that there are some schools undergoing renovation, for instance SMAN 19 Jakarta, and the implementation of UNBK has to be moved to other schools. Even though, it is technically ready, his party is waiting for assurance of the renovation. In addition, Husin urged that all parties to be actively involved in the preparations. If schools are not prepared with backup servers, he said, they will be requested to promptly buy servers for synchronizing.


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