UNPAD Provides Bequest Funds for Research

Republika, page 5

Padjajaran University (UNPAD) has released bequest funds for Research Phase I for 375 researchers having careers as lecturers.  This fund was symbolically awarded by Unpad Rector, Tri Hanggono Achmad in Graha Sanusi, Hardjadinata Unpad.

On this occasion, Tri revealed that Unpad is targeting an increase in both the numbers published and the quality of the research. Unpad is expected to reach the target because of Internal Bequest funds.

The Research Director, Community Services and Innovation, Rizky Abdulah, said that of the 458 research proposals received, Unpad has assessed 375 proposals as being viable proposals to obtain the funds. The proposals were selected by a set of tests.

The rector explained that basic thing about research is its results. In other words, it does not refer to research that does not have comprehensive benefit. Therefore, keeping the process for the intended output is very necessary in terms of research aims and objectives.

Tri underlined that research has to be related to the educational process. This is also to support quality of education in Unpad, especially to increase on-time graduation rates. If this occurs and research productivity is high, the function of the lecturer’s position will run smoothly.

Moreover, community service and research have to be integrated. Meanwhile, supporting the quantity of research projects means supporting the improvement in the function of lecturers’ positions.


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