Many Obstacles in Conducting Religion Research in PTKIN

Republika, page 12

Advisory Council of the UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Study and Society Center (PPIM) – Jakarta, Prof Jamhari Makruf said that researches in the field of social sciences, particularly in religion affairs are still limited. According to him, research funds are one of the constraints. It was revealed by Jamhari on the sidelines of the National Workshop on Research Constraints at the State Islamic Religious Affairs Higher Education (PTKIN), Tuesday (14/3).

He argued that the budget constraint has resulted in the limited developments of special studies such as tafsir, hadith, and others in Indonesia.  Besides that the bureaucratization of researches in which it is still considered as projects where reporting is similar to submitting reports to obtain goods tender purposes  is  also a constraint.

Jamhari appealed to the faculty in PTKIN to improve their research and writing abilities because Indonesia has a lot of data and information that can be turned into papers.  He continued that currently lecturers are still regarded as office staff who continue to stay in classrooms to teach, and do not get involved in communities/society.

Meanwhile, the Head of Sub-directorate of Research, Scientific Publications, and Community Services of the Directorate General of Education of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Muhammad Zain, said that there should be guidance on how to make lecturers aware that they are researcher faculty.  His party continues to strive to improve the research culture by designing research skills programs as an effort to foster the researching spirit of the lecturers.


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