Students in Jail have a Right to Take UN

Media Indonesia, page 22

All final year students involved in law cases have a right to take the national exam (UN). They can take UN in jail. All class IX students of SMP/MTS as well as class XII of SMA/SMK/MA have the right to take the UN without exception. The main consideration is ensuring that right, but the law process still goes on.

This is stated by the Head of the Education Agency of Sleman Regency, Arif Haryono yesterday (Sunday. 19/3). According to Arif, UN id for all students, both those who are free and those involved in legal cases, the only difference being in how it is implemented. He believes that as long as the student has not been convicted, he can still take UN, even if this will be in his cell.

However, Arif confessed that the UN format for students involved in legal cases has not yet been determined, whether it will be will a paper-based test or a computer-based test/CBT.

Arif added that the implementation of CBT or computer-based UN (UNBK) has not been determined because of the procurement of facilities such as computer, server, and the internet network.

Therefore, if UNBK in jail is constrained by the lack of facilities, it will most likely be a written test.


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