USBN Starts Today

Indopos, page 1

Implementation of the final exam called national standard school examination (USBN) for SMA/ SMK officially begins today (20/3). Although this is the premiere run, this test has a central role; namely to be one of the determinants of graduation. In the USBN standard operating procedures (SOP) the USBN published by Kemendikbud was described as having three criteria that determines students’ graduation. Namely passing the school exams and USBN, obtaining an attitude/ behavior score of at least good, and have completed the entire program of study. Related to the formulation of weight of school test scores and USBN is handed over to the respective schools.  In addition, schools can also add other graduation criteria, e.g., the number of absences or report card grade average.

Head of the Education Assessment Center Nizam said, essentially, graduation is determined by the results of the teachers’ council meeting in the respective schools. The USBN position of becoming one of the determinants of graduation makes it prone to fraud. Moreover, 20 to 25 percent of the test items are from Kemendikbud. Nizam hopes USBN participants prioritize honesty.

Chairman of the Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI) Muhammad Rahim Ramli predicts USBN implementation will be welcomed enthusiastically by students, because it determines graduation. He expects supervision to the maximum, to prevent cheating. Additionally, Ramli hopes USBN could regrow interest in the final exams which had been lost in the last two years; namely after Kemendikbud deleted the function of the national exam as a determinant of graduation. He explained, for certain schools, students’ passion/spirit for learning still needs to be driven by the national exam as well as USBN.


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