Kemenristekdikti Disburses Technology Innovation Fund

Republika, page 5

Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti), provides technology innovation funding assistance of Rp 171 billion. The funding was awarded to 53 recipients from industry and 13 recipients from the university circle. Signing of the cooperation between Kemenristekdikti and fund beneficiaries was held in Jakarta, Monday (20/3). Selection of this technology innovation funding involved 56 industries, 36 universities and nine research and development (R & D) institutions.

Director General of Innovation Strengthening Kemenristekdikti Jumain Appe boosts increased innovation, both developed by researchers and the industrial society. The results of research from higher education circles are also expected to enter the realm of industry.

According to him, Indonesia’s innovation competitiveness is currently declining from 37th place in 2015 to 41st in 2016. He asserted the need for cooperation of universities, R & D institutions and industry players to improve national competitiveness in technology development. He hopes in this development of innovation it does not just stop at the research and development prototype, but most importantly how the results of research arrive at a product and its development in the market.

Jumain also said the products produced by the researchers should be able to provide benefits to the community. Results of innovation conducted by universities have been customized with industry standards. Higher education innovation funding scheme is awarded to Higher Education of Legal Entity to generate technology-based industries (teaching industry) and encourage higher education innovation to industry through an industry consortium scheme.

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