Some Schools Hold Non-Computer Based USBN

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

National Based School Exam (USBN) is scheduled to be used the same way as the National Examination (UN), which is computer-based (USBN-BK) and the paper pencil based (USBN-PK). Initially, on average schools that implemented the Computer Based National Examination (UNBK) were willing to use the computer for USBN.  However, after trial runs, a number of schools finally decided to go back to using paper.

Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Muhadjir Effendy said the government wanted that the USBN be implemented by computer based, especially for schools that run UNBK. Because, USBN-BK has its benefits, particularly as a warm-up ahead of UNBK. He explained schools that use the paper again automatically cannot use it as a reference for computer readiness in UNBK.  He said he was expecting USBN-BK; because, based on Kemdikbud data, the number of schools that apply UNBK increased from previous years.

However, the many constraints prompted a number of senior high schools (SMA) to choose to implement USBN using paper. Thus, the opportunity to test the computer system was not implemented.

Meanwhile, education observer Indra Charismiadji revealed, Kemdikbud must be consistent to run USBN. If there is an element of national standard, Kemdikbud must be total.  In this case, Kemdikbud should not only leave 25% question items to the regions as anchors or guide, but there must be coaching.  According to Indra, the number of schools that choose USBN using paper is an indication of the lack of Kemdikbud participation. Therefore, the reality on the ground shows that many schools have not completely mastered the use of computers for examinations.

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