USBN Questions Leaking through WhatsAp

Jawa Pos, page 3

The first day of the implementation of the national standard school examination (USBN) was tainted with indications of fraud.  In Kudus, schools are shocked by the school exam in PDF format circulating through messaging in WhatsApp (WA). In response, the Head of the Education Research Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) Prof. Nizam stated that it was the responsibility of the school.

Nizam explained the government only provided 20-25 percent of questions as reference, provided training in writing questions, and grants for the deliberation of subject teachers (MGMPs) to discuss USBN questions. The rest the government handed it over to the schools. Meanwhile, direct mentoring was in the hands of the regency/city and provincial agencies.

A similar sentiment was expressed by Director General of Kemdikbud Primary and Secondary Education Hamid Muhammad.  Hamid reiterated that sanctions against the leak are definitely there. Reprimand and assessment will be carried out directly by the Inspector General in charge of overseeing. He regretted that it could happen. According to Hamid, the government’s goal of providing 100 percent trust in the teachers in school was to reduce the leakage of questions.

Meanwhile, education observer of State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jejen Musfah assessed, there are several factors that trigger certain perpetrators to divulge/ leak the USBN questions as the impact of the decaying Indonesian education people. The first is the economic factor, second is certain perpetrators with access to the school, and thirdly is the presence of certain interests of a group of people.   In the country, education culture is still far from the word honest and still relying on grades and prestige,  not yet reaching the level that exams are not merely for the pursuit of scores/grades.

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