Inexpensive Study Offers Should not Sacrifice Quality

Kompas, page 12

The budget allocations for education reached more than Rp 400 trillion or about 20 percent of the state budget makes the cost of education in the country more affordable. However, the affordability of education should not sacrifice its quality. Deputy Minister of Finance, Mardiasmo said what is important is how the budget can be   efficient and effective. Free or low cost education should not mean low on quality. Therefore, improving the quality of teachers becomes a very important concern. This was announced by Mardiasmo on the opening of the International Education Conference entitled “Learning for All:  Joint Principles for Equalization of Strong Basic Education System”, in Jakarta, Tuesday (21/3).

According to Mardiasmo much of the budget allocation for the certification of teachers is still  futile because most teachers did not meet the quality standards. According to Mardiasmo, besides their quality is still poor, they also want to teach in urban areas and not in remote areas that require the role of teachers.  Many teachers also cannot take advantage of the certification budget since they had been unable to meet the qualifications.

The Director General of Early Childhood Education and Community Education of Kemdikbud, Harris Iskandar responded that the teacher certification that just started may not have a significant impact on the quality of education. Nevertheless, in the future it is expected to have an improvement in the quality. He said that he has chosen the strategy of certification because he believes in recognizing and improving the welfare of teachers, later there will definitely be an improvement in the quality of education.

Especially for teachers in the frontier, remote and underdeveloped regions (3T), the Kemdikbud imposes a teacher certification with special treatment, namely by simplifying the criteria.  In addition, they will also be provided with cost of living allowances and incentives from the regional administrations.

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