Kemdikbud: UN Questions Should be Free from Political Elements

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

It was recently discovered in the try outs of the national examinations (UN) for the subject of Indonesian in Magelang, Central Java (Jateng) that used the name of one of the candidates for Jakarta governor. The question was debated by parents and users of social media. Director General of Primary and Secondary Education (Dikdasmen) Muhammad Hamid said the government has issued guidelines on the preparation. One of them is not to enter a name or incident with the nuances of politics.

Hamid said that there are already regulations on the making of questions; because in 2014 there was the presence of UN questions that included the names of political figures. Since then Puspendik made drafting standard questions to exclude potentially problematic figures.

He explained the matter of guidelines in the making of questions is to avoid rows. Moreover during the local elections (Pilkada) as it is today. Thus, he claimed, for the issue of questions that exist in one of the high schools in Magelang that contained the names of one of the governor candidates (cagub) and vice governor candidate (cawagub) of Jakarta in a story question/problem is already being handled by the Inspectorate General of Kemdikbud.

Hamid affirmed, even though the content of the question was appropriate, it still could not be justified. He regretted it was missed.   This happens because the Kemdikbud could not intervene in the preparation of questions. The responsibility of drafting questions for try outs is purely done by the school.  His party only seeks to conduct selection of questions.  The center has the responsibility in making millions of items of UN questions.


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