Kemensos Builds Research Center for Street Children

Republika, page 5

Ministry of Social Affairs in cooperation with the Tahir Foundation will establish a research center for social welfare issues. It is in line with Tahir Foundation’s commitment to address the street children in Indonesia.

Minister of Social Affairs Khofifah Indar Parawansa said in Jakarta, Monday (21/3), the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) actually has a program whereupon at the end of 2017 Indonesia would be free of street children.
Kemensos also sees the additional risk experienced by street children which is sexual exploitation.  Not only that, Indonesia is also now shocked by the number of children who are missing and are indicated that their organs were bought and sold.

Meanwhile, Tahir Foundation has prepared Rp 100 billion as the initial stage for the construction of the research center. Foundation CEO Dato Sri Tahir said the research center is expected to work comprehensively and be able to resolve the problem of street children completely.

Tahir explained this research center model would later include a vocational school that provides training and education until high school level. This is done so that the street children can feel at home, so that the research center is not just as a place to provide training but also a place to stay. Tahir added that the program will be built to be effective, long-term and sustainable.

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