Prioritize the Coastal, Remote, and Border Regions

Kompas, page 12

Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy has asked the National Library to prioritize developing villages in the coastal, remote and border regions. Building libraries in developed cities and regencies are no longer a priority as the society are already more literate due to access to technology.  Additionally, Muhadjir stressed that the National Library is able to provide quality readings throughout Indonesia. This is part of an effort to compensate for the massive social media messages that do not all have positive impacts.

Muhadjir rated that, the words used in the dialogues or uploads on social media affect people’s behavior. Libraries are expected to emulate and become a pillar of the community in order to maintain a polite way of speaking.

Meanwhile, Head of the National Library, M Sharif Bando said the library began image building of libraries by going to communities and meeting the needs of society. This is relevant to the good condition of libraries outside of Java that only reach 24 percent out of the total libraries in Indonesia which is 154,339. Sharif added that his party is also seeking a breakthrough in order to meet the number of librarians which is still too few to be ideal. In Indonesia ideally there should be 250,000 librarians but currently there are only 4,000.

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