Disregarding Leakage Problem, Schools to be Penalized

Suara Pembaruan, page 17

In addressing the reports of question leaks in the National Standard School Examination (USBN) in DKI, Head of Jakarta Education Agency (Kadisdik), Sopan Adrianto, immediately sent a circular (SE) to school principals in Jakarta.

Sopan appealed to the teachers who know of the question leaks to immediately report the matter; not to ignore it.  For those who do not report or disregard it, will be penalized.  Sopan also appealed, schools proven to receive leaked questions to immediately use the supplementary or backup questions, in addition to the main questions that had been prepared.

Furthermore, he explained, in managing USBN questions, for junior high / high school (SMP/SMA) levels it has been handled procedurally. Namely, in accordance with the guidelines specified in the administration of the exam.

Whereas these guidelines cover several things. First, the preparation of questions was by selected personnel of the Deliberation of Subject Teachers (MGMPs) of each subject.  Second, the submission of questions from MGMP to the SMP/SMA department was accompanied by an Integrity Pact maintaining the confidentiality of questions or the presence of archives. Third, delivery of SMP/SMA questions through zoning/rayon accompanied by an integrity pact maintaining the confidentiality of questions. Fourth, delivery of questions to each school by the respective zones/rayon, already directed also with an integrity pact to maintain confidentiality of questions.   And fifth, in accordance with the Operating Procedures (SOP) USBN, 2017, after the master questions have been submitted to the schools, they become the sole responsibility of the respective school principals.

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