KBRI London Initiated Teaching Indonesian in Schools


The Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in London introduced Indonesian to the English society, especially through schools in line with the increasing desire of Britons to learn Indonesian.

Education and Culture Attaché (Atdikbud) at the Indonesian Embassy in London, Aminudin Aziz, told Antara London, on Thursday the idea to introduce Indonesian through schools received the full support of the Indonesian Embassy in London

He said that starting the summer quarter of 2017, he would invite two Indonesian language teachers from the homeland in cooperation with the Center for Development of Strategy and Linguistic Diplomacy (PPSDK), Agency for Language Development and Coaching, Ministry of Education and Culture, in Jakarta.

KBRI in London has long held an Indonesian learning program at the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) every weekend even though the number of enthusiasts are only about 10-15 people per group.

Aminudin said he was glad to see there was interest of the British people in learning Indonesian over the years. Teachers available were taken from Indonesian students who had the ability to teach Indonesian as a foreign language.  If the pilot program is successful, many other schools are expected to follow.

In addition to teaching Indonesian, both teachers also teach culture and handicrafts of the people of Indonesia. Learning is done in an integrated manner. In fact, more than that, the two teachers also teach in schools in coordination and collaboration with schools in the area surrounding both schools.

In recent years, Indonesian is made a national level test in the UK, called the IGCSE (International Graduate Certificate of Secondary Education), a type of National Exam in Indonesia. Indonesian is tested under the coordination of Cambridge International Test. Unlike the examination system in Indonesia, students in upper secondary school level in the UK can choose from the beginning the subjects to be tested at the end of their studies.

There are two schools in London willing to make Indonesian as a subject, namely Whitefield School in Northwest London that will teach Indonesian at secondary school level. While St Matthews CE Primary School is for elementary school level. Both are willing to teach Indonesian because they view Indonesia as a country that has unique cultural diversity.

Link: www.antaranews.com/berita/619828/kbri-london-gagas-ajarankan-bahasa-indonesia-di-sekolah

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