Preparations Already Reach 90 Percent

Kompas, page 12

Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy said the national exam preparations for high school and vocational high school (SMA-SMK) throughout Indonesia has already reached 90 percent. The national examinations are scheduled to be held in mid-April. According to Muhadjir, the readiness of schools to hold the national exam does not only occur in urban schools but also in the outskirts. For example, the border areas in West Kalimantan are also ready to hold the exam.

Separately, Head of the Secondary Education Department of Malang City Agency Sri Ratnawati said, all junior high schools (SMP) in Malang are ready to implement the national exam, using either the computer or paper. In Malang, there are 102 SMPs and equivalents, 100 schools of which use the computer-based test.

Of approximately 100 SMPs in Malang, half of them do not have their own computers. They will follow the computer-based test in SMAs or SMKs that have computer facilities.

Meanwhile, in Bandar Lampung, a number of schools are still holding the national standard school examination (USBN). Facilities for exams which have been prepared include classrooms and computers for schools that hold the computer-based national exam (UNBK).

As for UNBK implementation in Papua this year is still constrained by facilities and infrastructure. Noted are only 12 areas from 28 regencies and one city that hold the test using such method. In total there are 213 schools in Papua that can carry out UNBK this year. While schools in mountainous areas, such as Puncak Jaya and Lanny Jaya, still hold the test manually.

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