Registration Period for Computer Based Tests Ended: Education Minister

Education Minister Muhadjir Effendy said the registration period for national schools conducting computer-based national exams, or UNBK, has ended and that the exams will be administered early next month.

According to ministry guidelines, public schools must register students to acquire individual login credentials for the exams during the registration period. If schools fail to do so, students will not be able to take the online exams.

Muhadjir announced the closing of registration period at Muhammadiyah University in Malang, East Java, on Wednesday (22/03). According to the minister, preparations for the exams, on the first week of April, are nearly finished.

Muhadjir has denied rumors that test materials were leaked via online chatting applications, such as WhatsApp, or via social media, and added that he will impose heavy sanctions if teachers share test materials with their students. He said, if teachers are behind the leaks, ministry will give sanction to the teacher.

The ministry has given permission for teachers to craft test materials based on their respective schools. According to Muhadjir, teachers will be expected to evaluate their students based on the outlines provided by the ministry.

The nation-wide examinations will start on April 3-6 for vocational schools, while high school students will take the tests on April 10-13. Meanwhile, two test periods planned for junior high schools and Islamic boarding schools will begin in May.


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