USBN Question Leakage Sold for Rp 10 Million

Jawa Pos, page 16

Kemendikbud’s statement that the leakage of the national standard school exam (USBN) was a hoax alias false; seems to be contrary to the reports of a number of parties. It is known that indeed there had been leakage in the implementation of the exam which had only been held for the first time.

Information about the leakage of USBN questions was conveyed by the Federation of Indonesia Teachers Union (FSGI).   FSGI Secretary General Retno Listyarti stated that she received a number of reports on the cases of leakage of USBN 2017. Among these are from Pekanbaru, Medan, Indramayu, Kudus, Pati, Jakarta, and NTB.

Incoming reports mentioned that the leaks of USBN questions started from tutoring places (bimbel) with initials Q and IS.  FSGI Presidium of Jakarta Region Heru Purnomo said the leakage of USBN questions in bimbel was sold for up to Rp 10 million consisting of six packages of answer keys.

The price of the leaks did seem quite expensive. But in practice, students need only contribute Rp 100 thousand to Rp 150 thousand to get an answer key. Then, the answer keys are sent to the students on March 19 or D—1 of the start of the SMA and SMK level USBN.

Related to the allegations that the ones leaking the USBN were teachers, FSGI stated the possibility was very slight.  Because, if teachers do intend to divulge exam questions, it would not only be done for USBN, but would also leak when school exams (US) were held. In effect, the leak only occurred during USBN.


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